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Your Relationship Deserves a Special Place

Luvmor - Where Couples Store Their Memories

Build Your

Store all the precious moments that make up your relationship and never let them slip away. These moments deserve a special place.

Explore and Discover

Open conversations that will deepen your understanding of one another and improve communication using our Discovery Questions.


Stay connected. Weather you are in a long distance relationship or temporalily apart, Luvmor is a perfect way to keep in touch.

Keep Things Private

Social Media is not a place to air your dirty laundry or confess your deepest desires. On Luvmor your privacy is the #1 priority.

Create Memory Albums

Create and store photo and video albums in a safe and secure place. The journey of your relationship will always be at your fingertips.


Record video and voice messages for your partner whenever the mood strikes and have them stored forever in your timeline.


Share a calendar with your partner that will help you plan upcoming events and remind you of commitments.

Celebrate More Often

Keep track of memorable dates that are worth celebrating. From your first kiss to your anniversary, Luvmor will not let you forget!

Share a Dream Board

Focus on your shared goals. Use our virtual dream board to create your vision of the future together.

Add Gorgeous Photo Effects

Give your photos a creative and artistic edge by using our predefined photo filters.

Visualize Your History

See a visual chronological representation of your relationship with our photo montage.

Share the

Select specific moments you want to share with your friends and family on social media websites. Luvmor is privacy oriented but flexible.

Integrate with Instagram™

Give context to your Instagram™ pictures. Turn them into meaningful memories and keep them on your timeline.

Import from Facebook™

Select photos from your Facebook™ albums and store them into your Luvmor timeline with just a few clicks.

Create Mixed Tapes

Create mixed tapes for your partner and integrate them into your timeline. Music is a great way to relive treasured moments.

Cultivate Your Love

Build and maintain a list of things you love about your partner so you'll always remember why you're together.

Photo Booth Session

Be silly and spontaneous. Grab your partner, jump into our photo booth and have some fun.

Write Love

Rekindle your romance. Don't let the art of writing love letters fade away.

Luvmor From Anywhere

Update your timeline, upload pictures and record video messages from anywhere with Luvmor Mobile. (Coming soon)

Customize Your Experience

Add a personal touch by choosing your own theme. Since Luvmor is the new home for your relationship, you should decide how it looks.