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Lisa Garmon’s trailblazing book invites us to actively imagine and co-create—with Spirit—a world where racism, sexism, ageism, and climate crises are gone for good. You will be inspired, nourished, and immensely cheered by Garmon’s bold, brave, and wise-hearted solutions.

A Life-Changing
Book by
Lisa Garmon


The Garmon Foundation



The Garmon Foundation

P.O. Box 771

1211 Daniels St

Vancouver, WA 98666-0700

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We invite your CONTRIBUTIONS to The Garmon Foundation, a 501c3 non-for profit organization.  The Foundation is currently supporting 2 major missions:




The Garmon Foundation is establishing a Black Lives Matter Museum to honor Arthur Ben Garmon, a Southern white man who created the first substantial vocational school in the Deep South in the late 60’s during the marches on Selma.  Garmon’s school taught Black youths a trade.  Prior to Garmon’s opening this school, Black people were only allowed to work in cotton fields, white people’s homes and yards or lift heavy weights.  Through Arthur Ben Garmon’s Huntsville Center–Technology, Black youth were taught to be mechanics, electricians, plumbers, office workers, and to apprentice themselves to trades.  Arthur Ben Garmon changed people’s lives!!  Read about this great, compassionate man in Chapter 4 of LOVE MORE Let’s End Racism, Sexism, Ageism Now!

   Founding members of $100,000 to this museum will have large photographs placed prominently.  Angel Donors of $25,000 will also have their photos displayed. Donors of $10,000, $5,000 and  1,000 will have their names on a plaque.  All contributions, no matter how small, are welcome!!


The Garmon Foundation is dedicated to recognizing and initiating the use of “Soft Technology” to help bring about the changes required to stabilize our climate and calm our Earth.

Lisa Garmon’s “Soft Technology” is comprised of practicing unconditional love, holding strong magnetic intentions, skillfully using the immense power of our imagination, all while connecting to Spirit/Infinite Intelligence.  By achieving goals that stabilize our climate and calm our Earth, we are closer to a HEALTHY CLIMATE  and STABLE EARTH everywhere. This work is ongoing until Hard Technology that hugely lowers emissions is accomplished, succeeds, and the planet is saved. 

Our Foundation’s work to stabilize our climate and calm our Earth is achieved with what author and teacher, Lynne MacTaggart, calls a “Vortex of Love”—a small group of individuals who are adept in the practice of holding strong intentions.  

Our Foundation is generously compensating seven individuals as a Vortex of Love to surround Lisa Garmon and work with her using her proprietary “Soft Technology.”  Learn more about this vanguard technology and our current goals on this website under Stabilizing Our Climate and in Chapter 25 of Lisa Garmon’s book: LOVE MORE Let’s End Racism, Sexism, Ageism Now!



Coming soon Stripe for credit card donations!

Garmon Foundation

Stabilizing Our Climate
& Calming Our Earth

Imagine alleviating human and wildlife suffering by keeping our astonishingly beautiful planet green!!

Lisa Garmon's primary goal is for everywhere on our planet to have PERFECT CLIMATE—a healthy climate, a stable climate, an anticipated climate.

You must keep your focus on

PERFECT CLIMATE everywhere!!!

Imagine the bright lime green growing edges of our evergreen trees. Imagine our 100 year old trees flourishing—standing tall and strong. Imagine lovely gardens in bloom.
Imagine green meadows and green farmland. Imagine rivers flowing full everywhere in the world: the Thames, the Danube, the Po, the Nile, the Mississippi, the Amazon... Whatever in Nature you love, imagine it THRIVING!!! This is what we deeply desire for our beautiful green planet.

Climate Change is real: in fact, it is a crisis.

Intervention is required.

Lisa Garmon works with a support team, her Vortex of Love—individuals with increased awareness who meditate, pray, and express unconditional love daily.  They hold strong magnetic intentions and use the immense power of their imaginations while connecting to Spirit/Infinite Intelligence to reach goals. They are doing it now!

All of LIFE and creation is organizing around Lisa Garmon's success!! Lisa and her Vortex of Love are currently working  on the following intentions: 

  1. Taking DOMINION over billions of methane gas producing bacteria rendering them DORMANT in the Arctic Sea, in the coastal lowlands of East and West Africa, wherever oil and gas are drilled, and in oil wells that are shut down and leaking methane gas. The Japanese satellite that measures methane gas can give us metrics.

  2. Taking DOMINION over lightening strikes.  Extinguishing lightening sparks in seconds!! OUT!!! Before a wildfire is ignited. . .

  3. Raise frigid temperatures to a tolerable level.  (Three months ago, the Nile River was drying up.  The article said that one farmer killed himself’ because he could not water his crops.  We filled the Nile River with the water of Grace.  Now the Nile River is full and famine is averted.

  4. Shrinking massive heatwaves to a comfortable 70-79 degrees F.

  5. “Peace, be still” to earthquakes over a Magnitude 4.  Low level quakes are good as they release tension from the Earth.

Lisa Garmon has a rare spiritual gift Ayurveda calls, “Support of Nature.” It is like a rare operatic voice. It is a gift of God. She did not fully understand this gift until her Pinnacle Coach at The Brave Thinking Institute, Dr. Kirsten Wells, a Fellow at the Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School, noticed that her greatest gift is her compassion for all life: for trees, birds, and other wildlife as well as humanity. Now that Lisa understands her gift, she can teach it to others. And she is. Look for her new book “LOVE MORE FOR CLIMATE TRANSFORMATION: How to Stabilize Your Climate and Calm Your Earth.”

In Washington state, June of 2021, there was an unprecedented heatwave—a record 113 degrees!!! Going outside was like entering a furnace. On that day, the green-growing edges of the 100-year-old evergreen trees in beautiful parks turned brown and died.


Washington state meteorologists predicted an entire week of record breaking heatwaves at the end of August 2021, but because Lisa Garmon and a friend created a prayerful Vortex of Love —THIS DID NOT HAPPEN!!  Their effort to save the trees worked!!  The highest temperature reached that week was 99 degrees Fahrenheit on one day.

Working with her Vortex of Love, Lisa slashed massive heatwaves in Dallas, TX, Iran, and Sacramento, CA. in 2022.  Everything Lisa Garmon and her Vortex of Love do helps keep the Thwaites Glacier from melting. Thus far, Scientists of Hard Technology and Thought Leaders of Soft Technology, together, have managed to put the brakes on the Thwaites Glacier, the so-called “Doomsday Glacier."

A Dec. 10, 2022 article in The Daily KOS stated that if this glacier melts as anticipated, it will raise sea levels by 10' in 3 - 5 years. The article noted that the only reason this glacier has not melted is that the ocean water is cold.  The ocean has been cold for thousands of years.  And it is STILL COLD today because of thousands of people worldwide putting climate initiatives into practice.  Collectively, you and Lisa Garmon are saving our beaches and coastal homes.


The precious skill of disciplined imagery takes focus, passion, and stamina!!  To stabilize our climate and calm our Earth, this intensive work must be done faithfully every day. You must generously compensate those who do it well. If you don’t, who will?

Refressing the

This book is about transformation: transforming ourselves, our society and even our environment. We do this by using our spiritual senses; imagination, intuition, perception, will, memory,and reason.

To learn more, Click video!


My Story

Lisa Garmon, "Influential Lioness" (D.I.S.C.O. Assessment 2022) and Thought Leader Specializing in Climate and Earth Stability, Cultural Transformer, and Author, holds an undergraduate degree in English and Biology, and a master’s degree in Teaching (MAT) from Simmons College. Lisa was invited and attended Yale University for a semester as part of an experiment in co-education. A retired Wholistic Health Educator and Sex Educator, Lisa currently teaches nutrition and thought healing. 

Married to the same man for over fifty years, mother of two grown children and grandmother of two grandchildren, Lisa has been on a spiritual journey since age five when she first desired to be close to God. At age six, she spent an entire day silently visiting God. She sat on a rock in the sunshine looking through birch trees where she believed God was; miracles flowed. A lifelong learner, teacher and prayer partner, Lisa continues to study, meditate, and pray daily. She hopes her stories of the miracles in her life will inspire you. 

Above the Clouds

“If you are a spiritual seeker concerned by racial unrest in America, sexism in the workplace, and unkindness to our elders, you will find new things to think about as well as fresh Christian perspectives in this heartfelt book of personal stories and possible helps from technology.”

Brenda Hamilton,

President of Hamilton Learning Foundation

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